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Here are some helpful links to the research behind the Children’s Hope for Family Act, as well as links to other resources that support and strengthen families. While there is a plethora of research in this area over the forty plus years of no fault divorce in America, we highlight some of the most noted research and researchers below.

“Divorce is a life-transforming experience. After divorce, childhood is different. Adolescence is different. Adulthood—with the decision to marry or not and have children or not—is different. Whether the outcome is good or bad, the whole trajectory of an individual’s life is profoundly altered by the divorce experience.”

—Dr. Judith S. Wallerstein, noted divorce researcher

“Sometimes the problem has to do more with circumstances outside the marriage that place stress on a relationship—for instance, a job loss or the death of a family member or a health problem—and eventually the stress goes away.”

Waite, L., Browning, D., Doherty, W., Gallagher, M., Luo, Y., & Stanley, S. (2002). Does Divorce Make People Happy? New York: Institute for American Values. pp. 15-29.

Noted Research

Long Term Effects on Children

American Taxpayer Costs by the American Institute of American Values

The Second Chances Act, a proposal by Dr. William Doherty and former GA Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Dr. Judith Wallerstein

Divorce Has Consequences, a short article referencing Dr. Wallerstien’s 25 year long landmark study

Why Marriage Matters by Dr. Brad Wilcox (for a two page PDF summary, click here.)

Helpful Resources

The Parental Divorce Reduction Act, (PDRA) by the Coalition for Divorce Reform

PDRA Overview

The Second Chances Act overview

Couples at the Crossroads, by Dr. Alan Hawkins and Tamara Fackell